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NADIR call for access - Proposal submission

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Information on the facilities offering Trans-national access is available at the project web-site ( Applicants may identify in the proposal a preferred partner facility to undertake their project. However proposals that do not identify a preferred partner facility are also acceptable. The NADIR executive committee may propose alternative possibilities in case of unavailability for any reason of the requested facility.

Request for eligibility:

Applicants are strongly recommended to submit a request to check for eligibility criteria. The criteria are available in the Annexe III to the grant agreement (

You can download the template here ( in word format; in pdf form

The completed document should be submitted:
- by email to:
- online on this website.

Online submission: To proceed to submission, please create your account (in 4 steps), then submit your pre-proposal. You will receive an e-mail from NADIR call managers confirming the reception of your pre-proposal.

When you will be invited to continue the application process, please access your account using the e-mail address indicated for registration and the password provided.

You will receive a response from the Coordinator within 4 working days.


Application forms are available at the NADIR project Website ( You can download the application form here: in Word format or pdf.

They should be completed and returned by email to:
Your e-mail will include the following documents:
1. The pdf application form
2. The CV of each participant
3. The letter of support (one per participant institution)
4. The outcomes of previous participations to NADIR Transnational Access (if applicable)

The NADIR TA management will acknowledge receipt of all applications and review all applications for basic selection criteria (eligibility criteria, on-time submission, formal and administrative requirements, completeness). Any applications found to be in breach of the EC rules will be removed. The proposal must be complete and in compliance with the guidelines stipulated in the NADIR Application Form and the Annex III to the Grant Agreement (link).

Application procedure and Application and pre-application forms

On the NADIR website :